Friday, September 6, 2013

If the Shoe Fits...

We’ve all heard it:  ladies must wear heels to auditions.  It’s not a surprise, but it can cause major frustration.  Do you opt for the fabulous pair that make you feel super cute, or the comfy pair that have the low heel your coach suggested and get the job done?  It may seem obvious, but you’ll get the best audition experience if you opt for both.  Does the perfect shoe exist?  Certainly.  You just have to know what to look for.

Heel Height:
The people for whom you sing want to know that you know you’re a lady.  That means the heel has to look like something out of the women’s section, not the men’s.  You want a noticeable lift, which can seem higher with a more slender heel.  If you’re not comfortable with a stiletto, that’s fine.  There’s a trick to boosting your height without killing your arches (and your balance):  platforms.  No, it’s not the seventies, but those can save your singing and keep you feeling gorgeous.  Platforms are the solution for heel-lover and heel-haters alike.

Heel Color:
Choose shoes that accent what you want to highlight.  Odds are, that’s you, your charm, and your talent.  If black or nude is too bland for you (though both are shoe staples), pick out a pair that doesn’t steal the show.  You want the auditioner to write down notes about your gorgeous tone, not your gorgeous fuchsia-and-forest green pumps.

While wearing slippers everywhere would feel awesome, it’s not cute in public.  And while they’re no tennis shoes, it is possible to have a comfortable pair of heels.  Don’t settle on a pair you find at the first boutique you visit.  Try on several styles, and be aware that as you walk around all day, your feet swell.  It’s better to try on shoes toward the end of the day (or after you’ve done your other shopping).  The “break in” period is a myth.  If it doesn’t fit on both feet, it won’t get better—with the exception of softer leather.  Just like buying a dress, size is just a number.  Pick the shoe that fits your feet, not your vanity.  Walk around in them and note whether or not they have a proper grip.  Slipping in an audition?  Again, not cute.  If you are absolutely in love with a pair of shoes that don’t give you enough “cush,” take a cue from ballerinas and use gel soles.

Is the Price Right?
Audition shoes are an investment.  Just like you have that go-to audition dress (may I suggest a jersey-knit, jewel-tone piece?), you need a pair of shoes that is dependable.  As long as you’re confident in the longevity of your shoe choice, go ahead and spend the small fortune.  It’s worth the money to stave off worry and stress.  Just make sure you plan your budget accordingly!

Other tricks and tips:
Want to lengthen your legs?  Stay away from ankle straps, as they can make your legs seem both shorter and wider.  Same with t-straps.  Instead try a more pointed or tapered toe (sans straps) to make your legs seem miles long.  Have wider feet?  Pick round toed shoes to make your feet seem small and cute!

Wear It!
Make the shoes work for you.  Don’t sacrifice your style or success.  It can be frustrating to find the perfect pair of shoes, but the reward is definitely worth the effort.  If you feel good, you feel confident.  If you feel confident, you’ll rock your audition.  And if you have to walk a ways before you audition, be sure to pack a pair of flats.