Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Auditioning? Need a cheap place to stay in NYC?

Check out Lauren Flanigan's Music and Mentoring House on West 121 St. in Manhattan!

Put your hotel money to good use (and pay less, yay!). This house offers comfortable dorm style rooms, 3 MEALS A DAY, wifi, Wii, TV, DVD washer/dryer, linens and a WEEKLY coaching.  Residents also have access to Ms. Flanigan's full music library, CD's, reference materials and piano. She aids residents in audition attire and purchasing of scores and research material.  Once a month, residents are brought to dinners with industry professionals and sometimes are given performance opportunities.  You get ALL of this for $50 a day.  
I would take this over the $150-$200 a night hotels and expensive restaurants ANY day. Think about the home cooked meals and all the saved money...
Email Ms. Flanigan at musicandmentoring@gmail.com for more information.
Also, check out airbnb.com for other housing options.