Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five Tips for Flying on a High Note

It’s that time of year again! Summer programs are right around the corner and many of us are trying to keep a tight budget while traveling. Luckily, Sexi Soprano has plenty of tips to keep you savvy in the sky. We all know how costly cross-country and abroad flights can be, especially if your gigs or summer programs are pay-to-sings!
1. Booking Websites. Sign up for a monthly newsletter with a website such as cheaptickets.com, kayak.com and/or expedia.com. Cheaptickets.com has a fantastic “Mix and Match” button that allows you to pick and choose your flights to find the cheapest ones, regardless of airline.

2. Booking Tips. Booking your flight eight to six weeks out is always the best window for finding a cheap deal, whether you buy directly from an airline or from an online travel agency like Expedia. Always fly on a weekday if at all possible. Weekday ticket prices are always much cheaper. Prices for tickets can change up to three times a day, but some websites will raise prices if they see you returning and searching a flight twice in a row. Always remember to clear your cookies before returning to a site. Just remember that to win, you should fly and buy on Tuesday and Wednesday (to win: Tue/Wen - get it?). If you have to fly while overseas (especially Europe), use a native airline. Companies like Ryanair can get you great deals.

3. Airline Benefits. If you fly frequently, find an airline you love and join their frequent flyer rewards program. I have personally found Delta’s SkyMiles plan to be a lifesaver (and money saver)! Those miles can add up. “Like” or “follow” airline companies on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. They often post deals on their pages.

4. Pack a Snack. If your flight isn’t providing a meal or a snack (or if you hate stale pretzels), bring a snack to keep you going for the duration. You never know when you will be hungry! Always pack a reusable water bottle (empty, of course) to take with you on the plane and in the airport. You can save up to $5 per refill by avoiding buying a drink at the airport.

5. Communication. In the event of a cancelled flight or a pushed back audition time, call your airline. It is possible to exchange your flight time for free. Just put a smile on, take a deep breath, and sweet-talk your way into a free ticket exchange!

Hope this little guide helps every Sexi Soprano when booking flights to every competition, summer program, and audition coming your way!