Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Art of Packing

Happy Spring my sexi sopranos! Well, kind of. We are all SO ready for the snow apocalypse to be over and hot summer days to be here! Now many of you may be auditioning for graduate schools or heading to warm destinations for spring break (jealous!) and are just loathing the airport layovers and such. We know that packing can be just a pain in the butt so we here at Sexi Soprano are going to help make things a little easier by giving you a tutorial on the art of packing. That’s right, I said it, ART. Packing can be fun ladies! So follow along with my list of DO’s!

Plan: Look at the weather for the amount of time you will be there ladies. Based on that plan what you are going to wear every day. Unnecessary clothing is just a hassle! ALSO you CAN wear the same outfit traveling back to home as you did leaving it…..it’s not a fashion crime, I promise!

Rolling gets it going: Ladies the key secret is to roll NOT fold. You’re killing two birds with one stone here. Rolling prevents creases and also gives you more room in your suitcase. Everyone wins!

Packing your masterpiece: It’s packing time! Let’s walk through the steps! I’m so excited!

1.    Pack as many socks and panties in your shoes as possible! Try to limit yourself to one dressy and two casual pair of shoes. If you have a bigger suitcase, you can go for more! Now put your shoes on half of the bottom of the bag. The other half of the bottom can be home to your toiletries such as your make up back and such! IF you do have any liquids put them in a plastic baggy and store them towards the top or in your purse so that you can take them out quickly when going through security!

2.   Roll up any sweaters, jeans, jackets or any other heavier items of clothes. Pack them as tightly together as you can on top of the shoes.

3.   If you have any fragile items put them in the middle so that they are cushioned by the top and bottom layers.

4.   The top layer of this little pile should by the lighter pieces of clothing such as t-shirts, blouses, tank tops, etc.

5.    IF you do have items that do need to be FOLDED than place these items on top of the rolled blouses and such.

6. Place liquids in baggies on top.

7.   Accessories can be packed into any opening spaces or pockets.

Voila! You are ready for your trip! And here is a picture of my suitcase with my goodies!