Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keeping it Sexi on the Road

By Shareese Arnold

Every Sexi Soprano loves her routine, but between traveling for auditions and gigs it can be pretty difficult to keep at it. Being active has become an integral part of healthy singing. Here are a few tips to keep in your toolbox:

     Have a Plan B workout schedule. This should absolutely be something similar to your normal workout regime. Traveling is not the only thing that can be tiresome when you are on the road. Long rehearsals require mental and physical focus and can take a lot out of you. Sticking to even a modified workout schedule will help keep your energy up and allow you to focus on doing amazing work.

Gym lover? If you love going to the gym and are going to be away for an extended stay, check to see if any local gyms offer free classes or a free pass for a week. Many gyms offer trials that are either free or as cheap as buying a latte and a cookie at Starbucks.  

Try a workout DVD or Streaming Service. You can find many DVDs or Online fitness streaming that contain workouts that last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. We recommend Beachbody On Demand, for when you can’t get to a gym, but still have time blocked out to work out, this is a great option. 

Talk to a personal trainer about creating a workout tailored to your needs. Trainers are interested in seeing you succeed in your fitness goals. Explain your situation and you might find he or she is willing to jot down some exercises just for you.  

Pinterest is AWESOME. This may give some purpose to the hours spent “researching” on Pinterest. Go crazy pinning your favorite workouts to your fitness board; and actually do some of them!

Have an accountability partner. Having a good friend/partner/spouse to text or chat with about your workouts is a great way to stay focused. Find a fitness group online for some extra encouragement.   

Be creative!!! If you don’t have time to work out as much as you would like, incorporate more active movements into your day. We all have rehearsal schedules where the time commitments make it difficult to commit to a full workout; but doing things like squats, push ups, and other body weight exercises will keep your muscles active so when you get back to your regular routine, your body won’t hate you. 

And finally, dance parties are an awesome way to keep yourself pumped up and in a good mood. Who doesn't love to dance in their hotel room to “Run the World” by BeyoncĂ©?