Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sexi Soprano in a Small Space: How to keep it fabulous everywhere this summer!

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How exactly does one keep it Sexi in a Small Space? We are all notorious for being over-packers, but there are ways to do it that will have you staying fabulous all summer!

1. Assess your living situation. Make sure that you know what type of living situation you will have. If you're lucky, Dorms will have shared cooking spaces, microwaves and fridges. Be sure to ask if these things are available. Host Families can be wonderful, but make sure to reach out to them ahead of time so you know what will be available. Whatever the situation, always be grateful for their hospitality. If these two are not an option, reach out to another singer in the program to suggest spitting the cost of an Extended Stay Hotel. These hotels have kitchens equipped with a stove top, fridge, microwave, plates and utensils.

2. Pack Food. Nutritional shakes are quick and inexpensive after rehearsal, for breakfast, or just a quick snack. Single serve blenders are cheap and easy to travel with. Having options keeps you from making pizza or ordering takeout. Items such as meal replacement bars, granola, nuts, trail mix and other dry goods will in handy.

3. Transportation. Driving your own car always gives you the freedom to go where you need, but if you don’t have that option, check bus and rail schedules. Make friends with someone who has a car and won’t mind giving you a ride to the grocery store. Just make sure to offer gas money or PDFs of Nico Castel libretto translations...a girl needs to barter sometimes.

Most importantly, remember to work hard and always stay Sexi!