Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3 Unconventional Ways to Pay For “Yaplication” Fees

By Lily Guerrero

It’s “Yaplication” season and everyone is scrambling to make some money for those application fees for the upcoming audition season! The trouble is, most of us have just moved to a new city for grad school, came home from a summer-long YAP, or are freshly graduated, which means you’re probably unemployed or scrambling for a day job. Here are some off the beaten path solutions to pay for your fees without dipping into your savings account!

1. Donate Plasma. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I hate needles! But I promise that if you have survived donating blood, you will survive plasmapheresis. On your first visit, you’ll start by answering some questions about your health, and then they will take some basic measurements (weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc.). Next, you’ll be directed to the donation floor, where you’ll lay on a large upright bed and get hooked up to a machine that separates the plasma from the rest of your blood. The entire process takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much you weigh and thus, how much plasma you are allowed to donate. Most places have free WiFi, so you can work on your Yaplications while you lay there! The money is immediately loaded onto a pre-paid Visa card, and you can check your balance online or by phone at any time. If you go twice per week, you’ll make between $30-60, which is enough to pay for at least 1 or 2 applications per week! Find a location near you by checking out the websites of various donation centers like Biolife, Octapharma, or CSL Plasma.

2. Task Rabbit. If you like running errands or working with your hands, Task Rabbit is the website for you! First, sign up to be a Tasker, then navigate the website to find your city and its available tasks. Common tasks include walking dogs, picking up groceries for the elderly, helping someone move heavy furniture, or repairing household items. If you don’t live in a large metropolitan area, you can also sign up to be an online Tasker and do work like data entry or editing. Task Rabbit  handles all the transactions online so there isn’t any worrisome cash handling involved.

3. Take Lessons. You already teach voice lessons to the students in your immediate vicinity, but why not register to teach someone via Skype? On Take Lessons, you can offer your services as a voice teacher to a wider audience and get some extra cash flow. You get to pick your hours, rates, and location if you want to work out of your own home, online, or travel to your student’s! You can also sign up to teach other skills such as, crocheting, foreign languages or any other specific subject. 

These are just a few examples of ways to make some fast cash on your own time. Don't let all those application fees deter you from applying to programs! What other ways do you know of to make some fast cash? Comment below!

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