Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Pack For Auditions: Be Comfortable, Look Fabulous

By Stacy Dove
Audition season is upon us! For some, that means packing your things into a small suitcase for two or three weeks at a time. If you’re anything like me, packing light isn’t your forte. As I write this, I’m packing a suitcase to head to a gig for three weeks, so we’re totally in this together. Since I’ve been doing all of the research for you, I may have a bit of insight to add. We can get through this, fit everything you need into a carryon, and still be fabulous.
Step 1: Planning
Your wardrobe has just taken a turn toward warmer attire and darker colors. Take a look at your closet and notice the trends. Do you have a predominant color? Of course you do! Now pick a color scheme for your travels. It will make EVERYTHING easier. This season, there is an abundance of green in my wardrobe, so I’m just going to stick with it. Pair that with basics: black, white, cream, gray, and beige. Everything can mix and match and add up to more possibilities.
Step 2: Pieces
As a self-confessed over-packer, I tend to want to take everything in my wardrobe. I start with the best intentions, and then things kind of snowball from there. What if I have an unexpected event because the other event attire I packed would totally be unreasonable, right? What if the weather changes? What if I need another pair of shoes because, duh, we always NEED another pair of shoes?
What are you doing on your voyage? This will dictate much of what you need on your list. Whether you’ll be sight-seeing or spending days in rehearsals, let that tell you how to prioritize your wardrobe. Then get to planning. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Three to five bottoms: Jeans, dress pants, skirts. These will be the staples of your wardrobe. Choose things you can wear more than once before washing...come on, ladies, you know we all do that.
  • Five to seven shirts: Think good quality, pieces that don’t wrinkle easily, and things you can layer in basic colors with one or two accent colors.
  • Two warm layers: cardigans or blazers – whichever you prefer, and preferably things you can mix and match.
  • One outfit for a special event: This will most likely be your audition attire. I know what you’re thinking,  but you really don’t NEED something else. Your brain just wants you to think that you do.
  • Three or four pairs of shoes, including:
1. Something flat. This time of year if you’re heading north, it’s probably a boot of some kind.
2. Something comfortable that you can wear to walk for miles, especially if you’re traveling to a walking city like New York.
3. A classic heel in a neutral color like nude or black, or even red if your wardrobe allows. This is a shoe that can either dress up your basic jeans and t-shirt or compliment a black pencil skirt for an event or interview.
4. Something fun! This is your wildcard. Take something that you love that will make you smile, something you can pull out on a cloudy day and rock walking down the street.
  • Accessories: these can help pull your outfits together and help you create a completely new outfit. One belt, a few scarves, several bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and you’re set!
  • Undergarments: Try to choose things that go with your color scheme as well as something that makes you feel like a total rockstar. Don't forget your basic undergarments. You know what you need!

I promise all of these things will fit into a carry on. Of course there are toiletries, technology items, and music that you’ll need to bring with you. Add these to your list and make sure you stick closely to it. If you do, you’re sure to rock this audition tour!