Thursday, October 22, 2015


By Lily Guerrero

Deborah Voigt is the embodiment of a Sexi Soprano. She lives fearlessly, sings beautifully, and loves openly. Not only did many find her book, Call Me Debbie, a refreshing insight on this remarkable woman’s journey, but it made you want to be her friend in real life. Well, you know what friends share besides secrets? Clothes! This week, I show you how to copy Debbie’s easy breezy style.


Step 1: A Comfy Poncho
I love a color block on the top half of an outfit. Debbie’s poncho is a great layering piece for fall and it can come in handy during rehearsals when the stage gets cold. Here are some options:

Step 2: A Patterened Skirt
A solid top leaves room to play for the bottom portion of your outfit. I like that Debbie matches her skirt to both top layers and keeps the skirt length at a classy height. Here’s where to find yours:

Step 3: A Statement Tote
Not everyone can afford a Louis Vuitton, but it does pay to invest in a large, neutral colored purse for fall. It travels well and is the perfect carry-on size. It fits your music binder, water bottle, and cosmetics bag. Plus, it looks good with every outfit! Here are some bags worthy of carrying your precious cargo: