Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 Things All Singers Do While Waiting to Hear Back From Gigs

By Lily Guerrero

1. You smashed the audition out of the park, so you start imagining yourself in the title role for the next few days

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2. Until one day, the blue exclamation point on YapTracker announces one offer has been sent out

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3. You immediately text your friends who also auditioned to find out if they heard back yet

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4. No one knows anything, so you race to the mailbox to look for a letter

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5. And then you refresh your e-mails about twenty million times

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6. When that doesn’t work, you drop into a deep depression, wondering when you’ll hear back

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7. Eventually you forget about it, until one of your friends posts a Facebook update about getting an offer

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8. You die a little inside, knowing this is probably the end of your dream... and the $300 you spent getting to New York for the audition

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9. Suddenly, the phone rings. It’s an unknown number. Do you pick it up in case it’s an offer, or do you ignore it in case the loan officer is calling again?

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10. You pick it up. They offer you a comprimario part! It's not your big Met debut, but you'll take it!

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