Wednesday, January 20, 2016

6 Ways to Keep Your Food Choices Healthy This New Year

By Nadia Marshall

As the holidays wind down, the amount of candy, treats, and holiday flavors do not. Many of us pledge to eat healthier and work out more in the new year, but it can be hard with all of these temptations. Here are a few reminders on how to stay on track: 

1. Keep a food journal. Keeping a daily record of what you're eating can seem taxing, but it helps remind you of what you’re putting into your body. New Year's resolutions such as “Eat Healthier” are not as daunting when you have a record of what you’re eating. MyFitnessPal is an awesome app that keeps track of your calories, water intake, and calories burned. By taking the time to really LOOK at what you’re eating or drinking, you can make a positive change to your health goals.

2. Make one change at a time. Take baby steps towards making a healthier lifestyle. Don’t try to do too many things at once. For example, if you want to eat less dessert, eat more vegetables, or stop eating fast food, but only do one thing at a time. Once you are successful with one goal, you can attempt to add another one. If you try a drastic change too quickly, you may end up losing sight of your goals.

3. Don’t tempt yourself. If you’re trying to not eat french fries, don’t hang out at a restaurant or bar where they are on the menu. You should completely separate yourself from this food so you aren't tempted! Try this for at least a week. You might realize you don’t actually need to separate yourself, but by staying away from any and all temptation, you will find yourself achieving your goals quicker and easier.

4. You might just be dehydrated. Take a moment and think, “Am I hungry or do I just need a glass of water?” As singers, we all understand the importance of hydration, but sometimes don't drink as much water as we need. When you feel a craving coming on, try drinking a glass of water, waiting a little bit, and if you are still hungry, grab a snack.

5. Research healthy options. By packing a healthy lunch for work, or a healthy dinner for rehearsal, you’re taking another step towards a healthier you! Read magazines, look at food blogs, or ask your friends for snack suggestions to curb those cravings and give you the nutrients you need. 

6. Incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies into your diet. Finding out which fruits and vegetables are in season and incorporating them into your day will have you checking off the “Eat more fruits and veggies” resolution in no time!

What are your tips to eat healthier foods in 2016?