Wednesday, March 9, 2016

6 Types of Singers in the Audition Hallway

By: Lily Guerrero

When you live in a particular city, you're bound to meet the same people at auditions, especially if they are one of the stereotypical singers on the list below. How many of these people do YOU see on a regular basis?

1. The Nervous Wreck

Inline image 1

This girl asks you five times if she should start with her Mozart or her Verdi, then decides to run across the street to Staples to change her rep list. She keeps forgetting where she left her water bottle. She triple checks with the hall monitor about her audition time. She paces back and forth so much that you're convinced she's trying to add steps to her FitBit. You can't help but watch her ride the struggle bus through the halls of Shetler Studios.

2. The Humble Bragger

Inline image 3

This guy wants everyone in a five mile radius to know that he already has a bunch of contracts for next year and is #blessed. Even if you don't care. Even if you don't know who he is or why he's talking. You silently thank whoever invented headphones whenever he checks in with the hall monitor.

3. The Outfit Twin

Inline image 4

You knew you were risking it when you put on your royal blue, jersey knit, wrap dress, but it just fits so well! Unfortunately, those dresses look great on everyone and the girl right before you is wearing the exact same one. Umm... Is it too late to run across the street to J. Crew and find something else? 

4. The Program Alumni

Inline image 5

Similar to the Humble Bragger, the Program Alumni wants you to know that he did this YAP last year and he's only here on a technicality. You might karate chop him in the throat if he keeps talking about how he spent weekends at the artistic director's house watching Game of Thrones and drinking wine.

5. The Spanish Inquisition

Inline image 6

Who do you study with? What programs have you done? What's your starting aria? What's your 5? Where else are you auditioning? What's your social security number? Can she have a copy of your passport? This girl will NOT stop asking you questions when all you want to do is get in the zone.

6. The Future Best Friend

Inline image 7

You had never met this girl prior to check-in, but the numerous amounts of shared side-eye and silent laughs are your cue to ask her if she wants to get a drink across the street after the audition. You start off commiserating with each other about the business, and end up leaving with an awesome new friend.