Wednesday, March 2, 2016

9 Stages of Prepping for Juries Told by Cats

1. You head to your first voice lesson, where your teacher preps you for the coming semester.

Inline image 9

2. First stop: order your sheet music online and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Inline image 11

3. Once you have your music, you get on the internet to research your arias and watch a few YouTube videos.

Inline image 6

3. Time to pound out those notes on the piano! Bonus points if you can get your BFF to play the left hand.

Inline image 3

4. Eventually, you get off track and start playing games on your phone...

Inline image 4

5. But at some point you get your first aria memorized. Time to get dressed up and sing it in a masterclass as a test run.

Inline image 7

7. When the sign-up list for juries gets posted, you and all your friends race to the bulletin board to get a good time.

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8. Then the big day arrives and you look for your best outfit.

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9. After months of hard work you ace your juries, and fist bump your teacher for a great performance. 

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