Monday, April 18, 2016

Natural Mosquito Repellants

By Nadia Marshall

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, with rain comes...bugs. And if you live down South or are traveling to a slightly more tropical climate, you may need to pack some bug spray. If you prefer a more natural solution to preventing those annoying bug bites, here are some plants you can put in your garden or patio:

-       Lemon Thyme
-       Lavender
-       Lemon Balm
-       Basil- great for cooking, too!
-       Lemongrass
-       Catnip- if you have a pet, they’ll love you forever
-       Rosemary- also great for cooking!
-       Garlic- great for cooking and for throat remedies
-       Marigolds

Get your green thumb on, and hope you are bug bite free!