Friday, April 15, 2016

Refreshing, Infused Water

By Nadia Marshall

Sometimes a fresh, refreshing drink is exactly what you want after a great hot yoga session or after you’ve been soaking up some sun. Yet, you walk into Starbucks...and their refreshers are $2.25 for a tiny can. Your singer body requires more hydration than just a little 4oz can! Here are some cool combinations for a hydrating, delicious drink:

Peach and Mint Infused Water: This drink just sounds mouthwatering. Not only do you get the crisp taste of mint, but you also get a lovely tangy, sweet flavor of peach.

Mango and Lime: This drink screams summer, but who should stop you from enjoying this drink outside, after happy hour, or between rehearsals? This exotic, tropical mix is a perfect mini getaway for your taste buds.

Cucumber, Lime, and Mint: For this concoction, I usually use 10 mint leaves, half a cucumber (sliced), and a whole lime. This mix never fails to wake me up and last for a few days! Drink this mix first thing to keep yourself energized throughout the day.