Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Times Beyonce's Lemonade Reminded You of Your Relationship with Auditions

By Lily Guerrero

Beyonce's latest album Lemonade is a manifesto of what it's like to be in a bad relationship. While rumors of who could possibly be the inspiration for Lemonade is still speculative (is it Jay Z? Is she singing about her parents' relationship? Is it all just fiction?), one thing is for sure: singers who are used to being scorned by the audition circuit can totally relate to the struggle!

1. You both tried to change yourselves to fit a mold you thought they wanted.

"I tried to change. Closed my mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less awake."

2. Despite everything, you walked into the audition room feeling fierce.

"Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody's business, goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness"

3. You both fantasized about being the other person who got attention.

"If it's what you truly want ... I can wear her skin over mine. Her hair over mine. Her hands as gloves. Her teeth as confetti. Her scalp, a cap. Her sternum, my bedazzled cane. We can pose for a photograph, all three of us. Immortalized ... you and your perfect girl."

4. You both pumped yourselves up because you know you are worth more than these temporary feelings.

"I break chains all by myself, won't let my freedom rot in hell, hey, I'ma keep running cause a winner don't quit on themselves"

5. When you realized that rejection would not keep you from singing, you made it a learning opportunity.

"I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade. My grandma said "Nothing real can be threatened." True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturers became my remedy. So we're gonna heal. We're gonna start again."