Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 Ways to Wind Down the Night Before an Audition

By Nadia Marshall

1. Drink some tea. ​A cup of chamomile, lemon, or ginger tea will help settle your mind and stomach. The warmth will help you relax and take away your troubles.

2. Try not to eat too late. ​Some days, this just isn’t possible. If it’s late and you need food, try to eat a light dinner such as soup or salad to keep your stomach from bothering you all night.

3. Turn off or silence electronics at least 30 minutes before bed time. The blue light from electronic screens tricks our body into staying awake. The sooner you turn your phone on silent, the better, but we understand if you need to check that flight info one more time before you set your alarm. 

4. Prepare everything for the big day ahead of time. Lay out your clothes, binder, resume, headshot, the travel information, and your water bottle all in a corner of your room the night before. Everything is in its place and you don’t need to worry.

­5. Try using a technique that helps you sleep easier. Whether that's using essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation, putting on that “sound of rain” track, or leaving the humidifier on, use your personal technique to help you relax and feel comfortable before sleep.