Friday, May 6, 2016

6 Ways to Keep Your “Fit­spiration” Over the Summer

By Nadia Marshall

It's sometimes hard to stay on track during the summer. School is out, the sun is shining bright, and you want to go out with your friends! Here are six ways you can stick to your fitness goals during this fun season!

1. Make a list of your goals. Take out that handy notebook and make a list of goals you would
like to achieve. It can range from “be able to do a pistol squat!” or “run a 5k in “x” amount of
time.” It will be easier to see the finish line if you write out your goals.

2. Make a schedule. Plan your workouts. Hopefully, you will have more time to dedicate to
working out. By scheduling your workouts, you are eliminating any excuses from your
vocabulary. Yes, the first two weeks will be pretty tough if you are establishing a new routine...but
think of how much easier it will become if you stick to it!

3. Stuff happens. Be prepared. The gym may be closed for renovations or your gym buddy
cancels on you last minute...It happens. Have a list of backup workouts in your pocket for those
days when things just don’t seem to go right.

4. 20 minutes can still be a good workout. When you have a busy day and don’t think you
have time to fit in a good sweat session look up some 20 minute work out videos! There are so
many great work outs that will have you feeling fulfilled without taking up a huge chunk of your

5. Keep a workout jar. Every time you complete a workout, stick $1 in the jar. After 100
workouts, you will have $100 that you can use towards new workout accessories, clothing, or
equipment. If you’re a gym rat, you might want to challenge yourself by substituting a $1 for a

6. Positive thoughts, energy, and selfies. Everyone is on their own fitness journey. Regardless
of where you are, take the time to acknowledge all your hard work and accomplishments. Take a
sweaty selfie, spend some time outdoors, or have a night out with friends. Take some time to rest
and recover!