Monday, May 23, 2016

7 Reasons Why Singers Are the Best Gym Buddies

By Nadia Marshall

1. We always put your weights away. ​We all despise those people at the gym who never put their equipment away. It’s rude and in the way of other gym goers. It’s common courtesy, brah.

2. We wipe off the equipment. One word: ​Hygiene. 

3. We always provide words or encouragement when you are struggling with those last few reps.Personal cheerleader, check.

4. We always make sure you're not grunting when lifting. ​Your chords and jaw will thank you.

5. We bring our own water bottle. ​We’re prepared and won’t make you wait in the water fountain line for an extra 10 minutes. Plus, we have a YAP sticker on it so everyone knows it’s ours.

6. We are totally cool with bathroom breaks. ​The importance of hydration in our lives
has made us aware of how many times we visit the bathroom. Water is life!

7. Equipment? No equipment? Not a problem. W​ith the amount of traveling we do, we
are accustomed to working out in a hotel room, on the road, and even backstage! We’ve figured it all out and ready for anything.