Monday, May 9, 2016

Nine Cats Show What It’s Like to Be a Singer in Allergy Season

By Andrea Hansen
1. At the beginning of allergy season, all you feel is a slight tickle behind the eyes…

2. …but within a week or two, you’ll be in a lesson and BAM! ALLERGIES STRIKE!

3. All you can really do is stock up on the tissues and hope it passes quickly!

4. The worst case may be that you’re in a new area with allergens that you’ve never experienced before…

5. ESPECIALLY if you’re contracted for an outdoor gig…

6. …though indoor gigs aren’t much better!

7. What about at galas? You’re looking your most fabulous, but you can’t keep away from the sneezy, itchy, grumpy feelings!

8. At least in chorus gigs you can sneeze in peace in the background!

9. Just keep your head up, your soft palate lifted, and the hand sanitizer handy – allergy season can’t last forever!