Thursday, June 16, 2016

3 REALLY Good Reasons NOT to ‘Hook Up’ at Your Next Gig…And Maybe a Few Exceptions

 By Tamara Hardesty

You’re so excited to have a gig this summer or to be going to your first Young Artist Program. There will probably be some attractive baritones, maybe a tenor, or MAYBE even a hot conductor or profoundly interesting director!

Backrubs during breaks… long days of rehearsing followed by a drink at the local pub… joking around backstage… being away from home… Sounds like a perfect recipe for a steamy summer romance!

But there are a few REALLY good reasons NOT to hook up at your next gig.

1. Butt-kisser:

It will NOT help your career in the long run. Yeah, you might think sleeping with the director or conductor will get you more gigs, and sometimes it will. But deep down YOU will know you didn’t earn it with your vocal talents. And worse, other people will know it as well.

2. The Stolen Kiss:           

You, or the other person, are already married or in a committed relationship. You might think, “what happens on a gig, stays at the gig,” but even the most discreet affair eventually messes up your life. If you want out of your current relationship and think you have found your true love, then you need to proceed with integrity and honesty. If you’re just feeling lonely, Facetime or Skype with your beloved and then go out to dinner with the whole cast.

3. Gossiping:

People WILL talk! Even if you’re NOT trying to sleep your way to the top, even you’re NOT cheating on someone back home, even if it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, people WILL find out and they WILL talk about you. You want to protect your reputation, especially at the beginning of your career.

Exceptions to the rule: 

 You’re both single. You’re attracted to each other. You enjoy spending time together. You respect each other’s talent. Your career and life goals are the same. Go for it!