Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Fun, Lucrative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash This Summer

By: Brittany Trinité

Chances are you’ve found yourself in a financial hard place during the summer, or even in other points throughout the year. Aside from bills, we have a ton of other expenses such as traveling, auditions, and of course, the fun things, too! Instead of having to say no to that drink after rehearsal, or rack up more debt on those credit cards, here are some ways to fill your wallet.

1. Singing, of course!

Be it in a church job or with a band, why not make money doing what you love? You can sing back up for local bands, do a voiceover for a commercial or cartoon, have a recital, or even reach out to your community to perform locally. This is a great way to get exposure when you are starting out!

2. Tutoring

Students always need help in various subjects, both in and outside of music. Tutoring is great flex work that is also rewarding. Use your smarts to help others and increase your income!

3. Get crafty!

You may not always be into arts and crafts, but the summer is a great time to invent new art projects that you may even put into a store online or sell to those you interact with. You’re an artist, so be creative!

4. Pet sitting

Do you enjoy spending time with fuzzy friends, or know some friends going out of town? Caring for animals is fun and can make you some extra cash in some of the busiest travel times of the year.

5. Write on!

See about writing reviews for music or contributing to an online blog or magazine. It may start out small, but this is a great way to network and get experience in writing and publishing pieces.

6. Summer Camps

Seasonal positions for teaching kids or being involved with camps is a fantastic way to fill time and make some extra money over the summer, especially if you just need summer work. It’s best to start looking at camps to work ahead of time so you are prepared for summer.

7. Lifeguarding!

Getting certified as a lifeguard is great for work and is a fun way to stay in shape! These positions are very flexible and often stay that way throughout the year. If you like to swim, find out where you can go, locally, to become a life guard.

8.Eliminate your clutter

Maybe you have a few, hundred dollar textbooks or memorabilia just sitting around waiting to be sold on Amazon, or for some things, donated to a thrift store. Regardless, cleaning out your place of residence will help free up space and be more efficient in your day-to-day functioning.

9.Save your change

It may seem small, but putting away a few bucks a day can really add up. Instead of buying that latte, put the money away for a rainy day. Sometimes that feels more rewarding than buying something!

10. Volunteer

Although volunteering doesn’t pay right off the bat, it can often lead to invaluable work connections and potential job offers. Plus, it feels good just to give back to the community!

Did these ideas get your creativity flowing? Comment below with how you’ve made some extra cash!