Wednesday, July 13, 2016

11 Free Apps to Use during Your Commute to Improve Your Career

by Lily Guerrero

When you live in a big city, you often find yourself wasting a lot of time on the train, bus, or in the back of an Uber. Why not spend that time working on your goals? Exit out of your games and use these 11 free apps to improve your career during rush hour.

1. Brush up on your language skills using Duolingo. Each individual lesson only takes about two minutes, and you can take a placement test at the beginning of each language so you don’t waste time on things you already know. Don’t want to practice the speaking exercises on a packed bus? Change the settings to reading and writing exercises only!

2. Use the Notes app to practice memorizing your translations. Elbow room on the train is hard to come by, so we understand that it’s not always possible to write your translations by hand. Why not use the Notes app instead?
3. Use the Music app to listen to your rep and mouth along. This one is probably a no brainer for most, but uploading your music to your phone and listening to it in the background while you respond to e-mails can help you learn your music quicker.

4. Use the Voice Memos app to listen to your last voice lesson or practice session. Maybe you’ll resonate with something your teacher said that you didn’t hear before, or you’ll catch where in the phrase you’re losing that breath support. These are important things to know!

5. Use the Books app to read a bio on your favorite singer. Did Jessye Norman really request that people spray water into the air in front of her before she walked on stage? What happened to Renée Fleming the first time she sang for the National Council Auditions? Read their bios and find out!

6. Use the Mail app to respond to important e-mails. Don’t forget to confirm that audition time, e-mail your teacher back about your next lesson, or respond to the stage manager about your costume fitting!

7. Use the Podcast app to catch up on news in the business. We especially like The Metropolitan Opera Guild, OperaNow, Doing the Work, and The Diction Police.

8. Use the Yaptracker app to find potential gigs. While you can’t see the infamous exclamation points next to each listing on the app, you can still use it to browse opportunities and add them to your “Upcoming Deadlines” list.

9. Update your Facebook Fan Page. You already have the Facebook app anyway; why not spend two minutes improving your social media presence?

10. Use Twitter to tweet a message to your followers about your day at rehearsal, the great show you saw, or your opinion on the recent news in the opera world. A little bit of sharing goes a long way!

11. Instagram a picture of the music you’re working on or the current rehearsal you’re in, and use hashtags! Opera companies will love you for the free marketing, and your family in South Dakota will love seeing the daily ins and outs of your adventurous life as an artist. Just be sure to adhere to the social media policies of the company you’re working with.

What other free apps do you love to use when you’re on the go? Comment below!