Friday, July 15, 2016

Ten Ways to Annoy Others While Vocalizing

by Katya Syrochkina 

1) Practice “Mario, Mario, Mario!” from Tosca fortissimo in the stairwell of your building.

2) Work on lip trills during long lines at Target.

3) Vocalize in the middle of a busy intersection while doing any operatic gesture.

4) Greet strangers with an “I love to sing” sung loudly and very high or low.

5) During a church service, stand up when there’s a lull in activity and lunge into a low “a e I o u" with a vicious expression. Note: NOT recommended if you are or have or want to be hired at said church.

6) If at a bar, frat party, or room full of drunk people, lunge into “Pace", the opening line from “Pace mio Dio" while slowly pouring water over one’s head.

7) If at a group yoga session, lunge into “Va!” from “Va laisse couler mes larmes" during exhale/inhale moments.

8) While on a long bus or train ride, make sure to practice the runs from Mozart's Alleluia.

9) On a blind date, during a particularly flirty moment, sing, “Stride la vampa!” into date's ear.

10) And never forget to vocalize on favorite expletive during lesson with your most uptight teacher/coach.